Welcome to the Mind and Imagination of

Dennis H. Clarkston

Warning!!! I have finally decided to make my presence known. I do not know how well this page will turn out, but if I do not like it, I can always change it

This page is intended to be temporary. I plan on building a more elaborate page at a later date.

Who am I? That is a question I would like to know at times. This is I what I do know:
  • born in Shreveport and reared in Bossier City (Northwest Louisiana).
  • graduated from Bossier High School in May 1977.
  • spent my first year in college at Northeast Louisiana University in Monroe.
  • transferred to Northwestern State University.
  • earned my Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology with a minor in Mathematics in 1982 - NSU
  • earned my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism in 1997 - NSU
  • currently lives in Natchitoches Parish
My interests include
  • Writing
  • Karate
  • Photography
  • Audio and Radio Plays
  • Humor
  • Collecting Newspaper Articles and Comics

Extra Stuff Goes Here

This is where the extra stuff is supposed to go but at the present time, I do not any extra stuff.

The current projects i am working are 
  • Building and expanding my home page
  • Editing a past manuscript